Look Who’s Coming to Vermin: Justin Maurer

VOTM: What’s the most unusual experience you’ve ever had at a reading?

MAURER: At one of my first readings I was presenting my debut chapbook. I made the near-fatal mistake of eating spicy food and drinking coffee followed by some shots of tequila to soothe my nerves.  When I began reading, World War III was setting off in my stomach. There was some serious heavy artillery going on. I came very close to soiling myself.

Justin Maurer is a writer and musician from Los Angeles. He was born in L.A. but came of age in the Great Pacific Northwest where he recorded 3 albums and embarked on world tours with his storied punk band Clorox Girls. After a decade of nonstop touring, the band fell apart and he worked and lived in Madrid and London. In Europe he formed the band Suspect Parts before a full-circle return to L.A. Maurer’s first book Don’t Take Your Life”(Future Tense Books) was published in 2006. His new book Seventeen Television is now available from Vol. 1 Brooklyn. He currently sings for the punk/’60s pop band L.A. Drugz and plays guitar in punk/glam band Maniac

Come see Justin Maurer perform at 826LA Echo Park on Friday, April 5.

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