Colin Winnette in LA & SD

VOTM: What’s the most unusual experience you’ve had at a reading?

WINNETTE: I was once doing a Q&A with Brian Evenson at a bookstore in San Francisco. Halfway through it, a young boy, maybe 8 or 9, bolted toward us from the front of the store, stopped at the back edge of the audience and yelled, “You’re going to die, because you ruined the books!”

Colin Winnette is the author of several books, including The Job of the Wasp, out now from Soft Skull Press, Haints Stay, Coyote, and Animal Collection. He lives in San Francisco.

Come see Colin read at Book Show in Highland Park on Friday, January 19 at 7:30pm and at La Bodega Gallery in San Diego on Saturday, January 20 at 7pm. 

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