• 15 Aug VOTM LA RumpSignStep right up...
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA PatrickCrowdSay queso...
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ONeilPatrick O'Neil
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA OrtizWendy C. Ortiz
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA MahinShanna Mahin
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA PCrowePerry Crowe slips it in
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA MohrJoshua Mohr
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA DoyleSean H. Doyle
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA PashleyJennifer Pashley
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA CrowdSurfCrowd surfing
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA RumpDownClown down
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ShannaRumpPashleyShanna & Jennifer
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA RobJimJryanRob & Jim & J Ryan
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ToddRumpOrtizTodd & Wendy
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA DoyleJimMohrBunch of clowns
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA RumpClownLook in the mirror
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ONeilMohrDoylePatrick & Joshua & Sean
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA JimRonVote Vermin
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD JRyanJinJ Ryan Stradal & Jim Ruland
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD MahinShanna Mahin
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD StradalJ Ryan Stradal
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD OrtizWendy C. Ortiz
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD MohrFundraising with Joshua Mohr
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD Mohr2Joshua Mohr & a friend
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD Doyle2Sean H. Doyle
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD DoyleSean H. Doyle
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD PashleyJennifer Pashley
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD RumpGropeAnd then this happened

11th Anniversary Celebrations in LA & SD

Vermin on the Mount celebrated its 11-year anniversary with a pair of special events in Los Angeles and San Diego. Sean H. Doyle, Wendy C. Ortiz, Shanna Mahin, Joshua Mohr and Jennifer Pashley read on Friday night at BOOK SHOW in and on Saturday night at 3rdspace in San Diego. In addition, Patrick O’Neil  read Friday night in L.A. and J Ryan Stradal read Saturday night in San Diego. Also, a very special guest took a break from the campaign trail to make an appearance at both events… 

Many thanks to all of the writers, readers and fans of the literary arts who have supported Vermin on the Mount over the years. Without your infectious enthusiasm, there is no community of Vermin. It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve as curator of this irregular, irreverent series and I want you to know that it’s not going anywhere. In fact, thanks to our partnership with Razorcake, we’ll be introducing some new features, including an audio recording of all L.A. events. Here’s to the next 11 years…




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