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Vermin in LA Feb 19

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Vermin Returns to San Diego

  • 15 Oct VOTM Book ShowRight this way...
  • 15 Oct VOTM Andrea ReadingAndrea Kleine
  • 15 Oct VOTM Allen ReadingAllan MacDonell
  • 15 Oct VOTM Janice ReadingJanice Lee
  • 15 Oct VOTM Sesshu ReadsSesshu Foster
  • 15 Oct VOTM David UlinDavid Ulin
  • 15 Oct VOTM ToddTodd's foot
  • 15 Oct VOTM Book Show2Shop at Book Show!
  • 15 Oct VOTM LA PosterHalloween Edition

Filth or Freak

A gathering of guys and ghouls assembled at Book Show in Highland Park for a special Halloween Eve edition of Vermin on the Mount. Novelist Andrea Kleine read from her new novel Calf, Allan MacDonell read from Punk Elegies and reminisced about the early days of L.A. punk, Janice Lee read two short essays, Sesshu Foster read three poems and L.A. Times book critic David Ulin shared excerpts from his new book Sidewalking. Live recordings from all of the readers will be posted on the Gorsky Press bandcamp page soon. This was the final Vermin on the Mount of 2015. We’ll be back early next year in Los Angeles and San Diego! In the meantime, stop by Book Show and pick up something amazing…

Save the Date

  • 15 Aug VOTM LA RumpSignStep right up...
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA PatrickCrowdSay queso...
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ONeilPatrick O'Neil
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA OrtizWendy C. Ortiz
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA MahinShanna Mahin
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA PCrowePerry Crowe slips it in
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA MohrJoshua Mohr
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA DoyleSean H. Doyle
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA PashleyJennifer Pashley
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA CrowdSurfCrowd surfing
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA RumpDownClown down
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ShannaRumpPashleyShanna & Jennifer
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA RobJimJryanRob & Jim & J Ryan
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ToddRumpOrtizTodd & Wendy
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA DoyleJimMohrBunch of clowns
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA RumpClownLook in the mirror
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA ONeilMohrDoylePatrick & Joshua & Sean
  • 15 Aug VOTM LA JimRonVote Vermin
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD JRyanJinJ Ryan Stradal & Jim Ruland
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD MahinShanna Mahin
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD StradalJ Ryan Stradal
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD OrtizWendy C. Ortiz
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD MohrFundraising with Joshua Mohr
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD Mohr2Joshua Mohr & a friend
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD Doyle2Sean H. Doyle
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD DoyleSean H. Doyle
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD PashleyJennifer Pashley
  • 15 Aug VOTM SD RumpGropeAnd then this happened

11th Anniversary Celebrations in LA & SD

Vermin on the Mount celebrated its 11-year anniversary with a pair of special events in Los Angeles and San Diego. Sean H. Doyle, Wendy C. Ortiz, Shanna Mahin, Joshua Mohr and Jennifer Pashley read on Friday night at BOOK SHOW in and on Saturday night at 3rdspace in San Diego. In addition, Patrick O’Neil  read Friday night in L.A. and J Ryan Stradal read Saturday night in San Diego. Also, a very special guest took a break from the campaign trail to make an appearance at both events… 

Many thanks to all of the writers, readers and fans of the literary arts who have supported Vermin on the Mount over the years. Without your infectious enthusiasm, there is no community of Vermin. It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve as curator of this irregular, irreverent series and I want you to know that it’s not going anywhere. In fact, thanks to our partnership with Razorcake, we’ll be introducing some new features, including an audio recording of all L.A. events. Here’s to the next 11 years…




  • 15 June VOTM SD Crowd3rdSpace
  • 15 June VOTM SD Kevin3Kevin Maloney
  • 15 June VOTM SD Kevin
  • 15 June VOTM SD JuliaJulia Dixon Evans
  • 15 June VOTM SD EmileEmile Barrios
  • 15 June VOTM SD AnaAna Carrete
  • 15 June VOTM SD Kevin2Kevin Maloney
  • 15 June VOTM SD Ana2Ana Carrete
  • 15 June VOTM SD JerryJerry Gabriel
  • 15 June VOTM SD KarenKaren Stefano
  • 15 June VOTM SD Jim&KevinJim Ruland & Kevin Maloney


Another Vermin on the Mount is in the books! After a great event in LA, Portland writer Kevin Maloney kicked things off at 3rdSpace in San Diego with a reading from his debut novella Cult of Loretta. SD local Julia Dixon Evans read “19 Things Only People Who Are Not Going to Survive the Hour Will Understand.” Emile Barrios read a fiction piece about delicious pizza called “The Pickle Rabbi.” After a brief intermission, Ana Carrete, visiting from Austin by way of Tijuana, read a selection of poems. Jerry Gabriel, visiting from Maryland by way of Flagstaff, Arizona, shared an excerpt from his new collection of long stories, The Let Go. Karen Stefano wrapped up the evening with a reading from her new book The Secret Games of Words. (For more images, check out Bonnie ZoBell’s photos.) Save the date: Vermin will return to San Diego to celebrate 11 years of irreverent readings on Aug 22, 2015!


  • 15 June VOTM LA MerchMerch
  • 15 June VOTM LA MeredithMeredith Alling
  • 15 June VOTM LA Meredith2Meredith Alling
  • 15 June VOTM KevinKevin Maloney
  • 15 June VOTM LA CrowdBook Show
  • 15 June VOTM LA MichalMichal Lemberger
  • 15 June VOTM LA Michal_JRyanMichal Lemberger & J Ryan Stradal
  • 15 June VOTM LA JerryJerry Gabriel
  • 15 June VOTM LA PorochistaPorochista Khakpour
  • 15 June VOTM LA Porochista2Porochista Khakpour
  • 15 June VOTM LA ShoesWhite shoes
  • 15 June VOTM LA MicMic
  • 15 June VOTM LA Meredith3Meredith Alling
  • 15 June VOTM LA Kevin3Kevin Maloney
  • 15 June VOTM LA Jerry3Jerry Gabriel
  • 15 June VOTM LA Porochista3Prochista Khakpour
  • 15 June VOTM LA ToddTodd Taylor


It was a night of firsts. Meredith Aling’s prose piece about the fragility of friendship was her first reading ever. Portland’s Kevin Maloney read from his first book Cult of Loretta (Lazy Fascist) for the first time. Michal Lemberger celebrated the release of her debut After Abel (Prospect Park) and Jerry Gabriel was in town form Maryland, by way of Flagstaff, Arizona to read from his new book The Let Go (Queen’s Ferry) Porochista Khakpour closed out the night with her first public reading of her memoir in progress, Sick. Many thank to everyone who came to Book Show where there was standing room only. So many old, new and future friends. So much love in the room. My heart is filled with gratitude. Vermin por vida!

Vermin returns to LA + SD


Save the Dates

  • VVL2_StewartStewart Home
  • VVL2_ThorThor Garcia
  • VVL2_TimTim Atkins
  • VVL2_UlliUlli Freer
  • VVL2_LouisLouis Armand
  • VVL2_MerchBooks
  • VVL2_RichardRichard Makin
  • VVL2_DavidDavid Vichnar
  • VVL2_JimJim Ruland
  • VVL2_NatNat Raha
  • VVL2_CrowdPower Lunches
  • VVL2_LouLou Rowan
  • VVL2_Stewart2Stewart Home
  • VVL2_SeanSean Bonney
  • VVL2_WillWill Rowe
  • VVL2_JeffJeff Hilson

Euro Tour: London II

The final event on the Vermin on the Mount + VLAK tour was held at Power Lunches on Kingsland Road in Hackney and it was a massive event with over a dozen poets and prose performers. Once again, I served as guest emcee and kicked things off with Thor “The First Shall Be Last and the Last Shall Be First” Garcia, who read from his story “Eat the Rotten Eggs.” The poet Tim Adkins read a single long poem that appears in VLAK and Ulli Freer followed with more poetry. VLAK founding editor Louis Armand read from The Rube Goldberg Variations and was followed by Richard Makin who celebrated the official launch of his book, Mourning, the third in a trilogy. I read from Forest of Fortune and David Vichnar read a brief excerpt from Philippe Sollers’s H. After giving away a few Vermin +VLAK t-shirts and selling some books, we pressed on. London poet Nat Raha started the second half of the evening with a selection of poems and was followed by Seattle writer Lou Rowan. Stewart Home read some very short poems while standing on his head (seriously). Sean Bonney read a police protest poem and was followed by the poet Will Rowe. Jeff Hilson closed out the evening with a reading of a poem about boats, which he dedicated to your salty and wayward host. We packed up our books, at some kebabs and piled into a black taxi to begin the long journey home.

  • VLP_WindowDlouha
  • VLP_VideoOlga Pek
  • VLP_DavidVeronica & David
  • VLP_NuvsNuvia
  • VLP+PlayMorgan Childs
  • VLP_KenNashKen Nash
  • VLP_PS_ABArwen Bird & Phil Shoenfelt
  • VLP_LousLouis Armand
  • VLP_JRJim Ruland
  • VLP_ThorThor Garcia
  • VLP_DavidVDavid Vichnar
  • VLP_OberDamien Ober
  • VLP_Arwen_PhilArwen Bird & Phil Shoenfelt
  • VLP_Nuvia_StrongNuvia and Jaromir
  • VLP_JimPhilJim Ruland & Phil Shoenfelt
  • VLP_NuvsCollageCollage by Nuvia

Euro Tour: Prague

Vermin on the Mount was honored to be a guest of the Prague Microfest, which kicked off with the launch of VLAK 5, the biggest, most audacious, and last issue of the international magazine of arts and letters published by Litteraria Pragensia Center for Critical and Cultural Theory at Charles University in Prague. Vermin on the Mount + VLAK was held at NoD an experimental art space just steps away from the main square. Olga Pek, a member of VLAK’s editorial collective and festival organizer, introduced the first a reading of Philippe Sollers’s H, a unpunctuated text inspired by the 1968 student uprising in Paris, published for the first time in English by Equus Press. Excerpts from H were read in French and English by Veronica X and David Vichnar. David then took over as emcee and introduced the playwright Morgan Childs who staged a reading of a new short dramatic work in which a character named Jim chews much too loudly. This was followed by a short film by Ken Nash who read from his short story Brain Harvest. English musician and writer Phil Shoenfelt was joined by Arwen Bird who channelled Sophia Disgrace (a last-minute scratch) for a performance of Kamikaze Skull. After a brief musical interlude by Phil Shoenfeld and David Babka, Louis Armand read from Cairo, Jim Ruland read from Forest of Fortune and Thor Garcia read from a new work, “Eat the Rotten Eggs,” which appears in VLAK. Damian Ober reading from Doctor Benjamin Franklin’s Dream America was beamed in from Massachusetts. The jazz ensemble Happy Funeral closed out the evening and DJ Count  Portmon entertained the afterparty deep into the night.

Vermin + VLAK in Berlin

The Vermin on the Mount + VLAK Magazine European tour kicks off tonight at Normal Bar on Forsterstrasse 46 in Kreuzberg. Check out the rest of the stops on the Vermin + VLAK tour!


Vermin + VLAK

Vermin on the Mount is teaming up with VLAK Magazine and the Prague Microfest for a series of unforgettable readings in Berlin, Brno, Prague and London:

05/15     Berlin, Germany     7pm
Vermin on the Mount & VLAK 
with Thor Garcia, Catherine Hales, Jim Ruland, Jeroen Nieuwland, Louis Armand & David Vichnar
Normal Bar
Forsterstrasse 46
10999 Kreuzberg

05/16     Brno, Czech Republic     7pm
Vermin on the Mount & VLAK
with Thor Garcia, Olga Pek, Louis Armand, Jim Ruland & David Vichnar
Sklenena Louka (Glass Meadow)
Kounicova 23, 602 00 Brno

05/17    Prague, Czech Republic     7pm
Vermin on the Mount & VLAK
Prague Micro Festival with Louis Armand, Morgan Childs, Sophia Disgrace, Phil Shoenfelt, Jim Ruland, Thor Garcia, Ken Nash + music
Cafe NoD
Dlouha 33, Prague

05/23     London, England     7pm
Vermin on the Mount & VLAK
with Thor Garcia, Richard Makin, Jim Ruland, Louis Armand & David Vichnar
Top Office Machines
133-135 Bethnal Green Road
London, E2 7DG

05/24     London, England
Vermin on the Mount & VLAK
with Lou Rowan, Stewart Home, Ulli Freer, Jim Ruland, Louis Armand & David Vichnar
Power Lunches Arts Cafe
446 Kingsland Road
Hackney, E8 4AE